Sensing SoCs

Small Form Factor Wi-Fi Sensing SoC

Wi-Fi sensing SoC with optimized antenna for IoT device integration.

Core specs

  • Single-core MCU configuration I C3 by Espressif
  • SRAM
  • RTOS based firmware

Optional specs

  • Dual-core MCU for advanced engines I S3 by Espressif
  • Higher PSRAM capacity
  • Thread connectivity

Wireless connectivity

  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
nami ai sensing

SoCs - Use Cases

 Basic use case Available at launchAdvanced use case With optional specs and / or OTA upgrades
Security & SafetyMotion detection N/A
Pet & vacuum bot filtering N/A
Geofencing of registered usersN/A 
Energy Efficiency
Place occupancy analyticsAdvanced occupancy sensing, more granular
 N/A# of persons count estimation
N/A 3rd party IoTs automation for deterrence, energy efficiency and convenience
 N/AEnables integrated HVAC and air purification optimization
Health & Wellness N/ADaily patterns insights, by zone or by room
 N/ASleep patterns insights
 N/AFall detection