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Privacy by Design

Traditional Internet of Things (IoT) products present vulnerabilities: It has been estimated that in one 6-month period in 2021,  there were 1.5 billion IoT attacks. 

By deploying intelligent sensing technology, nami uses the power of Wi-Fi to detect human presence and movement.  This means there is no need for direct line-of-sight sensing technologies, such as cameras which can present a privacy risk. There is no collection of personal information, nor is nami intrusive. 

Granular User Access

At the heart of our intelligent sensing solutions is the nami app. It has different modes, ‘curator’, ‘family member’, and ‘steward’, to control the privileges of the user. Only the ‘curator’ has access to the settings, ensuring the protection of users’ privacy.

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We Don't Monetize Data

Our business transforms smart homes and buildings into intelligent homes and buildings. We don’t collect personal data and we don’t sell data to third parties.

Encryption First  

Minimizing the risk of a cyberattack or hacking is crucial for any Smart Home/Smart Building product.  The algorithms that power our intelligent sensing algorithms are randomized code, which cannot be hacked.  Furthermore, all sensing data is encrypted to reduce the possibility of attack. 

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data protection regulation


Through encrypting our data, and not collecting any personal data, nami is in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).