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About nami

About nami

nami is an innovative enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, producing a fusion sensing platform that combines cutting-edge AIoT technology with multi-protocol infrastructure.

nami’s mission is to provide wide-range coverage AI sensing with rapid setup and accurate data capture through scalable and resilient mesh architecture. This means responsive homes and intelligent buildings, solving problems for players in security, safety, PropTech automation, energy optimization, AgeTech, and wellness.

nami is headquartered in Singapore and recently opened a European hub office in Paris

nami is a shareholder and close partner of Origin Wireless Inc., a leading pioneer in Wi-Fi Sensing. nami is part of La French Tech, of Matter initiatives for RF sensing, and CSA Health & Wellness Steering Committee.

nami means ‘wave’ in Japanese

What we do

At nami, we transform smart homes and commercial buildings into intelligent ones – aware of their occupants and proactively anticipating their needs. Our sensing technology is combined with machine learning principles to create an autonomous ‘Artificial Intelligence of Things’ (‘AIoT’). The nami platform leverages presence, activity patterns and AI to protect properties, save energy and enable vulnerable people to live independently. 

Through fusion sensing, nami blends wireless data points – such as Wi-Fi sensors or WiDAR (combination of Wi-Fi sensing and Radar) with inputs from analog sensors. The nami platform engages a dual radio infrastructure, with Wi-Fi and Thread network protocols running on a single device. This means nami offers intelligent sensing solutions even when home Wi-Fi coverage is poor or almost nonexistent. 

Our works with nami hardware and software world-class architecture promise high granularity for sensing, with smooth onboarding and reliable calibration for scalable deployments. It’s the foundation for a growing array of subscription services to end consumers.

Our values

Integrity — we do not collect personal data, and therefore would never transfer or sell personal or private information.

Future proofing — we build architectures interoperable with upcoming standards, delivering IoT ‘bricks’ that will stand the test of time for reliability and consistency.

Open collaboration — we are committed to value creation sharing with ecosystem partners

Sustainability — we are committed to a sustainable world ecosystem, both in the energy optimization solutions we develop, and in the way we run our company. 

Leadership Team

The leadership team consists of WiZ Connected founders, a smart lighting company awarded the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Top 10 Wi-Fi Certifiers of 2020, with double-digit deployment of millions of IoT devices across 70 countries. WiZ was acquired in 2019 by Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting.

Jean-Eudes Leroy

Co-Founder & CEO

Successful serial entrepreneur & visionary. Jean-Eudes brings the talent together, and nurtures high-performance teams. 

Jerome Leroy

Co-Founder & CIO

Product & software marketing innovator. Jérôme is a passionate, disruptive, and creative tech evangelist.

Gleb Vodovozov

Co-Founder & CTO

Master software and AI architect. Gleb drives the design process with a keen eye on robust and scalable AI solutions.