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Meet the nami app

nami is an all-in-one AIoT (‘Artificial Intelligence of Things’) platform that detects motion, secures and monitors homes and buildings, and more.

The nami app lets people know what’s going on with those close to them — whether at work or home.

Packed with the most granular security features on the market, this app covers multiple places at a glance. Best of all, there are no cameras or recording devices involved, so your privacy is fully protected.

Secure the home

Through the nami app, users are able to

  • Choose their own security settings, and arm the alarm system
  • Set alarms around expected arrivals and departures of occupants and visitors
  • Receive alerts in case of intrusion.

How does nami compare to other smart building tech? 

The nami app connects to the ‘digitized walls’ of the smart home or building providing:

  • Place occupancy analytics to tailor energy use
  • Security alerts for unauthorized entry to the building. 

Experience the nami app

The nami app means:

  • Frictionless pairing and onboarding
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Immediate alerts relating to intrusions
  • The ability to keep track of multiple nami systems in multiple homes
  • Integration with all hardware and elements of the nami ecosystem.
Nami App