nami API

In addition to the wide range of nami products and software applications, nami ‘s API allows third parties to harness intelligent sensing data and analytics in their own offerings. 

This data can be used to create a source of monthly recurring SaaS revenue.  

So, how does it work?

Third parties can use nami-enabled hardware to capture intelligent sensing data. The nami API then provides direct access to this data which is available, cloud-to-cloud, for use in third party systems and solutions. 

As no personal data is involved, all data transfer is compliant with data protection laws and regulations. 

Available Q3 2022

nami api
Home Security System

Enhance home security systems with the nami API

Existing producers of home security systems can utilize the nami API to improve their existing products through cloud access to API data.

  • Using Wi-Fi sensing data to confirm that an alarm is not a false positive (for example, where the motion is caused by a pet or a robot vacuum cleaner)
  • Using Wi-Fi sensing data to reduce/eliminate false negatives. For example, Wi-Fi sensing data might supplement cameras to pick up non-line-of-sight motion.

Use the nami API to enhance energy datasets

IoT, PropTech and EnergyTech companies alike can utilize nami data to optimise power consumption based on motion and presence sensing. 

The nami API makes it straightforward to channel this data through existing applications and products. 

Energy saving

Optimize healthtech products through the nami API 

HealthTech and InsureTech companies might have existing products which pick up health and wellbeing data.

The nami API means HealthTech and InsureTech companies can acquire Wi-Fi sensing data via the cloud, and pick up additional wellbeing data, such as whether a vulnerable family member has fallen.