Sentinel Sensing Security Pod

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Sentinel sensing security pod

Multi-sensing pod for home monitoring with siren alarm for intrusion deterrence with intelligent sensing plug.

Core specifications

  • Optimized antenna for more granular Wi-Fi sensing
  • Multiple SoCs configurations for a large scope of use cases
  • 95dB siren for deterrence and safety alarm relay

Optional Specifications

  • Thread connectivity
  • Air quality, humidity and temperature sensors

Wireless Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
nami ai sensing

Sentinel use cases

 Basic use case available at launchAdvanced use case with optional specs and / or OTA upgrades
Security and safetyMotion detection 
Pet & vacuum bot filtering 
Geofencing of registered users 
Alert Relay from smoke and CO detectors 
Intrusion alert I deterrence 
Energy efficiency  
and automation
Place occupancy analytics3rd party IoTs automation for deterrence, energy savings and convenience
 Advanced occupancy sensing, more granular
 # of persons count estimation
 Enables 3rd party HVAC and air purification optimization
Health and wellness Daily patterns insights, by zone or by room
 Home air quality sensing
 Sleep patterns insights
 Fall detection