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Easy set-Up 
home security.


Choose your system.

Each nami system consists of multiple components — and secures & monitors up to 1,000 sq. ft. To protect homes larger than 1,000 sq. ft., simply add an additional system.


Plug in nami.

Choose the location, open the box, and insert the nami plug to a standard power outlet. Non-intrusive technology means it can be connected in personal areas, such as the bedroom, without risking your privacy.


Connect the Wireless intelligent plug.

Connect the Wireless Intelligent Plug to a standard power outlet. Then simply login to the wireless network. This initiates nami’s wireless sensing technology: Intruders disrupt wireless ‘waves’ in the air, sounding the 95-decibel alarm, and notifying you via your device.


Connect the nami app.

Download the nami app and choose your alarm and awareness settings to alert you to intruders, relay smoke and fire alarms, and more. Sensitivity levels are easily adjusted to filter out pets and robot vacuum cleaners, eliminating a major source of false alarms.


Complete control.

Detect intruders, relay smoke and fire alarms, and retain oversight of occupant safety, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Those with multiple residences can monitor up to ten separate homes through the nami app.

The security system for everyone

Home security doesn't need to be complicated


No, however nami can be easily integrated with most popular camera-based security solutions to provide the most secure form of home protection available on the market. 

Yes. nami is an excellent tool to ‘double-check’ an intrusion. The built-in algorithm that filters out pets, robot vacuum cleaners and other minor disturbances can be used to rule out false alarms. 

Yes. Security camera systems are a useful complement to the nami system. 

nami devices should be placed in central locations within the dwelling, such as living areas and landings, in order to maximize coverage. 

No. Any ISP or wireless router will work with nami. 

nami works equally well in apartments, townhouses, and larger homes. For homes larger than 1,000 square feet, simply add an additional nami system. 

Complete home security.

In just five minutes.