Dear Beta tester,

Thanks for taking the time to experience nami intelligent sensing technology with these engineering samples.

Before you install the plugs, please download the nami app from here. It’s currently only available on iOS for beta testing and will be deployed for general release on both iOS and Android in March.

The plugs need to be on the same floor and within 10ft (3m) to <30ft (10m) of each other to get the best Wi-Fi sensing results. You will need at least two connected to work properly, and this kit of three lets you create a triangular sensing zone on one floor.

If you want to test several zones in a building, you’ll need to create as many places.

As of Jan 2022, the main purpose of this beta is to check motion for between devices with local computing in one zone, for one user with basic notifications. Being able to check between multiple zones is a bonus.

The nami app will keep evolving with multiple users, multiple zones in the same place, advanced notification alerts, sensitivity settings, remote access via the cloud and more.

Enjoy surfing the Wi-Fi waves with these prototypes. Your feedback and insights are very welcome.


Grégoire Ménager
Software Product Manager
Kristian Anquillano
Hardware Product Manager