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Our ambition

Elevate smart devices and systems to bring intelligence to homes and commercial buildings through adaptive automation linked to human presence, air sensing and machine learning.

We build and run a platform that helps to monitor places and care for you, your loved ones and your colleagues. It also makes the planet greener and a better place to be.

Our works with nami hardware and software world-class architecture promises high granularity for sensing with smooth onboarding and reliable calibration for scalable deployments. It’s the foundation for a growing array of subscription services to end consumers: security and safety alerts, energy optimization, better breathing, deeper sleep and emergency health notifications.

Who we are

nami is a new Artificial Intelligence of Things startup headquartered in Singapore with research, engineering and marketing teams based in Asia, Europe and America.

The leadership team consists of WiZ Connected founders, a smart lighting company awarded the Wi-Fi alliance’s Top 10 Wi-Fi Certifiers of 2020, with double-digit deployment of millions of IoT devices across 45 countries. WiZ was acquired in 2019 by Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting.

Our company principles are:

Integrity - especially when it comes to personal data privacy.

Future proofness - building architectures interoperable with upcoming standards, delivering IoT bricks that will stand the test of time in terms of reliability and consistency.

Open collaboration - value creation sharing with ecosystem partners.


Photo of Jean-Eudes Leroy
Jean-Eudes Leroy
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Jérôme Leroy
Jérôme Leroy
Chief Innovation Officer
Photo of Gleb Vodovozov
Gleb Vodovozov
Chief Technology Officer
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nami means ‘wave’ in Japanese.