nami lifesaving plug

Lifesaving Plug

Intelligent Wi-Fi sensing plug that monitors sudden falls at home with voice assistance.

Core specifications

  • Multiple SoC configuration
  • 15A, 100V-240V load capacity
  • Onboard switch with LED for manual control
  • Optimized antenna for more granular Wi-Fi sensing
  • Voice mic and proximity speaker with AI NLP chat and/or VoIP

Wireless connectivityWi-Fi | Thread 

Compatibility with nami devices

Can work together with nami Pod Pro

nami ai sensing

Life Saving Plug - Use Cases

Basic use case Available at launchAdvanced use case With hardware and / or OTA upgrades
Security & safetyMotion detection
Pet & vacuum bot filtering
Geofencing of registered users
Alert Relay from smoke and CO detectors
Smart plug scheduling I mockupancy I deterrence
Energy efficiency & automationPlace occupancy analyticsAdvanced occupancy sensing, more granular
enables 3rd party HVAC and air purification optimization via system integration# of persons count estimation
Basic voice control relay3rd party IoTs automation for deterrence, energy savings and convenience
Smart plug scheduling I energy saving
Health & wellnessDaily patterns insights, by zone or by roomAdvanced daily patterns insights
Fall detectionBreathing patterns insights
Fall detection with voice escalation to PERS