nami retrofit switch module

Retrofit Switch Module

Wi-Fi sensing bot that can be retrofitted within
wall switches space

Core Specifications

  • Dual core MCU configuration
  • Transform existing mechanical switch into smart switch
  • Terminal points for switch control (any type of light) and power line
  • Fire retardant material
  • Overload protection

Optional Specifications

  • Optimized antenna for more granular Wi-Fi sensing
  • Audio buzzer for activation confirmation and gesture control
  • Higher PSRAM for advanced AI engines
  • Thread connectivity

Wireless Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
nami ai sensing

switch module I use cases

Basic use case Available at launch Advanced use case With hardware and / or OTA upgrades
Security & safety Motion detection
Pet & vacuum bot filtering
Geofencing of registered users
Energy efficiency & automation Place occupancy analytics Advanced occupancy sensing, more granular
# of persons count estimation
3rd party IoTs automation for energy efficiency and convenience
Enables integrated HVAC and air purification optimization
Gesture control with haptic feedback
Health & wellness Daily patterns insights, by zone or by room
Fall detection